THAT 1583 Preamplifier Design

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THAT 1583 Preamplifier Design

Post by Elektium »

I would like to make a condenser microphone to improve my electronics skills and use the DIY microphone for voice over and record my guitar musics.
I am newbee in the Audio stuff. I decided to use THAT1583 to design a good preamplifier. However, I decided not to use the brother of THAT1583 that is 1573.

I attached the circuit below. My questions are about the electronic circuit, the capsule and the XLR connection. I will connect the capsule to IN and OUT will go to Focusrite Scarlett Audio Interface. The question here is how can I get 48V from the Audio interface?

I asked so many questions, I hope you can help me.
If you have any book suggestion me to improve on Audio preamplifier design, I will appreciate it. ... d_source=1
Preamplifier Circuit
Preamplifier Circuit
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Re: THAT 1583 Preamplifier Design

Post by mediatechnology »

Hi Elektium thank you for joining us!

I moved this thread to the Pro Audio Design sub-forum so it will have greater exposure. There are a lot of sticky threads in "Build" which pushes your thread downward.

To get 48V from the Scarlett you may need to find the circuit node where the internal phantom pull-up resistors have a common connection to the 48V rail. On my Scarlett 2i2 Gen 3 phantom is controlled by a soft switch and, to conserve USB power, it may be shut down if no input is requesting Phantom. You may need to find a way to enable it perhaps by turning on phantom on one channel.

I'm assuming your 1583 preamp is going to feed the Scarlett's line input. On the 1583 you may want to add some build-out resistors and coupling caps. The Scarlett's line input, being balanced, will be realizing common mode rejection.

Have you considered using a 1510 or 1512?
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