I'm Calling Bullshit On Climate Alarmism

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I'm Calling Bullshit On Climate Alarmism

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I'm Calling Bullshit On Climate Alarmism

In my lifetime 1980 was the hottest summer on record in North Texas with over 70 days above 100°F.

The objective of the climate alarmist is to create fear.
Facts destroy the climate alarmist's attempts at trauma-based mind control.

This is actual 2023 vs. 2022 usage data for 2000 square feet of air-conditioned space. As you might expect the majority of the load is air conditioning. The heating appliances, water heater, dryer, stove and unused central heat are natural gas.

July 2023 vs. July 2022 Smart Meter Data


August 2023 vs. August 2022 Smart Meter Data


And all these news reports about the strained grid in Texas?
There's only been one day where Oncor entered the "yellow zone" - 4 bars on a 5 bar scale - calling for voluntary conservation.
We're seeing higher peak loads because we're air conditioning more illegal aliens and people escaping from California and running the grid with higher reserve margins.
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Re: I'm Calling Bullshit On Climate Alarmism

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The flipside is that in 6 months the same alarmists will blame ice storms on the same thing. Rinse. Repeat.

They never get excited when its 70 degrees and normal.
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