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Mouser Project Manager BOMs and Xicon Resistors

Posted: Sun Mar 07, 2021 5:50 pm
by mediatechnology
Mouse has raised minimum order quantities and pricing on the Xicon 1% 50 ppm 0.25W resistors referenced in the various project BOMs.

Xicon could originally be purchased in single quantities. Mouser then raised the mimimum to 200 pcs and raised the price.

Yageo resistors can still be ordered in single quantities from Mouser.

Until I can update all the various Project Manager lists please substitute the Yageo part numbers for the Xicon parts.
(Some projects also use KOA in values Mouser did not stock in Xicon.)

The Mouser part numbering system is Yageo is: 603-MFR-25FTE52-VALUE

For example a 2.49K 1% is 603-MFR-25FTE52-2K49.