Voltage follower for high-pass

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Bill Wilson
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Re: Voltage follower for high-pass

Post by Bill Wilson » Mon Mar 16, 2015 10:19 am

Hi Carlmart: The simplest way to get some low freq. roll off would be to have 2 values of coupling caps at the output of the 1510 mike pre; one to give flat response down to approx. 30 hz & another that rolls off the low end at 6db per octave starting the roll off at 150hz. This is the method used by Magnasync in their location film recorders & numerous mixers. I have at least 5 mixer schematics that use this approach. It is easy, effective & inexpensive to implement. I used to do on location mater taping in the 60's & now shoot & edit video professionally, trust me this is all you need to keep audio for video out of the mud.

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Re: Voltage follower for high-pass

Post by carlmart » Mon Mar 16, 2015 11:19 am

Hi Bill,

This is not for the 1510 preamp, it's for a different design.

On the 1510 I'm doing exactly as you said. You need an active stage afterwards, which in my case was the THAT limiter.

So THAT support themselves helped me picked the cap values, because of the resistors before the limiter.

Yes, I do think that's a very effective approach.

But the other one I saw is also very effective, and it's how Shure and Satt do it.


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