Dayton Audio DATS V3 Computer Based Speaker & Audio Component Test System

This is where we talk about testing, measuring and repairing things. Sometimes we have to repair the equipment we use to test, measure and repair other things. It's an endless cycle of fixing the broken things we need to fix other broken things.
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Dayton Audio DATS V3 Computer Based Speaker & Audio Component Test System

Post by mediatechnology » Wed Mar 04, 2020 9:06 am

For those that do loudspeaker work Dayton Audio has a test and measurement interface.
Dayton Audio has taken the most complete and easy-to-use audio test system and improved it in almost every way when creating the DATS V3 Computer Based Audio Component Test System. With improvements to the accuracy, capability, and reliability of the DATS V2, the DATS V3 sets a new standard for quick and accurate audio component measurements.
Dayton Audio DATS-V3 Test Interface
Measure Driver Parameters Quickly

Screen Drivers for Rub and Buzz Issues
Measure Capacitors plus ESR and DF
Measure Inductors plus DCR
Measure Resistors
Measure 70 V Speaker Lines
Generate Various Audio Signals
Print Parameters to Standard Labels
General Audio Impedance Measurement
Dayton Audio DATS-V3 Test Interface Measurement Screen

Dayton Audio DATS Measurement and Accuracy White Paper: ... -paper.pdf

Dayton Audio DATS V3 Brochure: ... ochure.pdf

Wished they made an interface for line-level general-purpose measurements.

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