Should I be disappointed?

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Should I be disappointed?

Post by JR. » Fri Jun 28, 2019 12:26 pm

Did you ever purchase an appliance only to learn about extra features that you didn't factor into the purchase decision. This is usually just icing on the cake..... But, my recent very nice misubishi ductless/split heat pump/air conditioner has a "dry" mode. Supposedly to remove humidity from the air. Since I run dehumidifiers year round, this would be a very nice feature for the summer months to dehumidify without heating the air inside.

Alas this icing on the cake, is not sweet at all... I have tried to use it two different times, and both times the humidity increased vs my real dehumidifiers. About the only thing it does is cool the indoor temp another 5' or 6' below the thermo stat setting.

I am still very happy with this system, and did not buy it for this feature, but it is a shame it does not work as expected. I suspect at one time they actually pursued this... It seems logical to set cooling coils low enough to cause condensation, then alternate heating as required to maintain target temps inside.

Now I must speculate why they abandoned this, because it seems like it could work.

- one possibility is the extra condensation caused reliability issues, while the installation has a PVC drain pipe to the outside.

- another that may have some basis in fact, is that this "dry" mode completely trashed their EER energy efficiency rating (cooling and heating at the same time) that could hurt them in data sheet comparisons with other manufacturers.

Their "dry" mode efficiency if operational would surely be more efficient than what I am doing now, but I will never know.

Some web searching reveals that my complaint is not unique to mitsubishi, and not a functional problem.

After living with this system for a few months it appears that the cooling "energy saver" mode just bumps the thermostat temperature up 4'. Now it looks like dry mode just bumps it down 6-7'...

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