Moving Coil Phono Head Amp, Zetex AN-23, March 1996.

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Moving Coil Phono Head Amp, Zetex AN-23, March 1996.

Post by mediatechnology » Sat Aug 03, 2019 11:59 am

This is a three transistor Moving Coil head amp published by Zetex in 1996.

The NPN ZTX851 and PNP ZTX951 would also work very well in this application.
Mouser stock both the ZTX689 and ZTX789 which have higher current gain.
I haven't built or measured this circuit to see if the ZTX689/789 have as low rbb' as the ZTX851/951.

Moving Coil Phono Head Amp Zetex AN-23 March 1996.

"Moving Coil Phono Head Amp," Zetex AN-23, March 1996.

PDF Download: ... h_1996.pdf

ZTX689B Data Sheet
ZTX789A Data Sheet

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