Newark Electronics MCM Electronics "Exclusive Brands"

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Newark Electronics MCM Electronics "Exclusive Brands"

Post by mediatechnology » Tue Jan 08, 2019 12:04 pm

A few years ago Newark absorbed MCM Electronics which made it difficult to find original MCM products in the vast sea of Newark's offerings.

MCM specialized in unique hard-to-find AV and Pro Audio gadgets as well as enclosures, connectors, flight cases and other stuff of interest to Pro AV customers. They had a lot of offerings similar to Parts Express.

MCM's range was so broad I've bought both Otari VU lamps and Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner parts from them. Need a Magnetron for a microwave? MCM had them.

Newark killed off a large swath of MCMs product range but some still survives.

Today I got an email campaign for Newark's MCM and MCM-branded products which will at least make the easier to find:

Here's an example project box in the MultiComp brand: ... dp/94M8295


Not bad for $17 US.

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Re: Newark Electronics MCM Electronics "Exclusive Brands"

Post by JR. » Tue Jan 08, 2019 12:56 pm

We considered a hollow square (rectangular) aluminum extrusion back at Loft in 80s. I don't think we ever released that product.

Years later at Peavey I tooled up a clamshell extrusion package where bottom was aluminum extrusion and top was bent sheet steel... cheap and very flexible.. Just cut extrusion to length and assemble with thread cutting screws.


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