Presenting "The Leslieator" - a work in progress

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Re: Presenting "The Leslieator" - a work in progress

Post by tubegeek » Mon Jul 08, 2013 1:35 pm

JR. wrote:Running the mics from full rated voltage will buy a couple dB more headroom.
I don't know what the ratings are for sure on these particular capsules, I don't have a part number or a data sheet at the moment. Similar capsules seem to be rated at 10V, though, and I may indeed tweak the adjustable voltage reg to get 10V.
JR. wrote:If you are getting too much level inside you can perhaps make some DIY ear plugs for them out of foam. It will probably scrape off some HF response but that may still sound OK.
I think that would be fine, too. The high end is certainly a bit more brilliant than the previous mics (Shure SM58's) provided, and that sounds quite OK, not crispy or anything. The high band source - the driver fed through the rotating horn - is not going up to "20K" itself, either. 10K maybe, if I had to guess. In any event, more foam to protect against the "wind noise" may be useful as it stands.

I think if I do still end up with too much level when I shift to the inside of the cabinet, reducing the mic preamp gain is not going to be a problem, though. The value I chose was sort of a guess anyway, but I was lucky - it seems to be pretty damn close to what i need! I had no real idea what the output of the mic was going to be on such a loud source when I started....
JR. wrote:Good luck.

And thanks for the interest/encouragement so far.

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