entropy continued?

This is where we talk about testing, measuring and repairing things. Sometimes we have to repair the equipment we use to test, measure and repair other things. It's an endless cycle of fixing the broken things we need to fix other broken things.
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entropy continued?

Post by JR. » Thu Jan 17, 2019 9:30 pm

Testing one two... Since much of my entropy thread is about repairs, maybe it should be here.

A new observation about my solar driveway lamp modifications: the stock lamp clearly captures less light than Frank III... So turns on sooner at dusk and off sooner too. But for a bunch of time before winking off completely the stock lamp gets noticeably dimmer than Frank...

For example today that was cloudy and drizzled rain, the stock lamp has already gone dim and then out, while Frank is still full brightness (at least full for frank) With half the inductor it should be half the current as stock...but you can't tell from looking at it.

Yesterday was sunny and frank III was still rocking at 3AM while stock lamp was dead by midnight.

When Frank finally turns off it turns off decisively, as if that is how they should all work?

I have several new stock lamps just sitting but I like the improved Frank III so will see how long it works... I am almost tempted to source some smaller inductors to see how much difference that makes but seriously.... nah. :lol:


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Re: entropy continued?

Post by mediatechnology » Fri Jan 18, 2019 1:11 pm

Well, the thread is about entropy.
It only becomes about repair if we actually do something about it. :lol:

But it does make sense to have it here.
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Re: entropy continued?

Post by Gold » Sun Jan 20, 2019 3:49 pm

I’m not sure this exactly entropy. I’m tweaking out a T filter type EQ for my console. I need eight channels for the console. Two four channel units. I have ten channels. I’m tweaking out a two channel version with pots. I will make the final units with rotary switches.

I basically gave up on my iPad setup for this. I wanted FFT so I could see bandwidth and center frequency easily. I’ve been fine with the Portable One. It’s not a visual representation but works fine with tone and gain.

I’m still working out construction details. The main filter PCB’s are about 16” x 4”. The controls are oriented horizontally. I will have to stack them four high. If I use standoffs then getting one in the middle out for service will be difficult.

I think I will mount each PCB on a 17” piece of 3/8”x3/8” aluminum stock. I’ll attach each horizontal piece of aluminum to the side panels of the chassis. That way the top and bottom covers can be removed cleanly. That provides pretty good access. If a middle PCB has to come out I just have to unscrew it from the side plates of the chassis. I have to try it first. The PCBs will be mounted very close to the rear of the four deck frequency selection switches. I’ll use Phoenix terminal blocks to attach the switches to the PCBs.

The EQ is sounding very good. I have to work out the gain steps and the frequency points.

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