Sacramento Peak Sunspot Observatory Closed by FBI

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Sacramento Peak Sunspot Observatory Closed by FBI

Post by mediatechnology » Fri Sep 14, 2018 9:01 pm

“There was a Blackhawk helicopter, a bunch of people around antennas and work crews on towers, but nobody would tell us anything,” House said, according to the newspaper, which reported the observatory entrance was marked off with yellow crime scene tape on Friday. (emphasis added) ... 45090.html

Not trying to advance any UFO or conspiracy theories here but this is very odd.

I've toured Sunspot and it overlooks the White Sands test range. There are government facilities all along the ridge on the road leading from Cloudcroft to Sunspot.

Web cams and sites of other observatories have also been shut down. See also: ... torm-looms There's an observatory link list in the story above most of which 404.

Does anyone suppose that the feds found a breach in the observatory's network? I'm not the only one who thinks espionage: ... -espionage



The long linear clearing, on a ridge below the residences on Corona Loop to the northwest at Sunspot is labeled on the USGS topo as a "heliport." I call BS on heliport. Where's the wind sock or target? Why would it be below a ridge? Why is it linear? What purpose does it serve as a heliport? Even Mt Weather has a clearly-marked set of heliports. There are no large roads to the clearing. If I were setting down a helicopter I'd land in the clearing near the Post Office. The image of the clearing looks altered.

If you draw a bearing at roughly right angles to the clearing it passes through Hollman AFB and White Sands. White Sands is about 30 miles at the bottom of the canyon, the "heliport" at Sunspot around 9200 feet. On the topo map, down in the Valley and along the bearing from the clearing at Sunspot - about halfway - is a point marked Radio Relay. I think the clearing is a telemetry antenna installation which, for security reasons, are obscured on our aerial maps. IRRC signs along the highway to Sunspot warned against RF emissions in the 420-450 MHz band and there were numerous fences and gates with Federal markings along the way.


I submit to you that there are telemetry antennas at Sunspot, which we cannot see from aerials, and someone is exfiltrating data from them into AURA's private network. That's possibly why the networks and web access for other AURA facilities worldwide may have been shut down.

Sunspot was low-security. When I was there you could get out and walk around. The place is beautiful. Walking around you would never know that there was any installation on the ridge right below you.

Locals warned me about getting too nosy and crossing gates along Sunspot Highway south of Cloudcroft. Word has it that people will come from out of nowhere if you do. Someone working at the facility, or a meandering "tourist" could easily breach a telemetry monitoring point at the telescope grounds.

Makes more sense than aliens or a meth lab.

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